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  1. What is a logon?  
  A logon consists of two items: A User name and a Password.

  2. I am a student enrolled in a class. How do I get a logon? 
  If you have been pre-registered by your college your instructor 
  will provide the information. Your instructor may also require
  you to self-register from here:

  3. What is an Activation code?
  The Activation code will "activate" your record on the system and 
  therefore allow you to access the tests. It is a 16 digit code made up of 
  numbers only (no letters).

  4. How many products is my Activation code good for?
  One. The Activation code is valid for one product and a "product" here 
  includes all the labs necessary for any given book.

  5. Where can I find my activation code?
  A code is provided with new text books only. 
  If you have purchased a previously used book then you may need to purchase
  a new code separately. Check with your college book store.

  6. How do I activate the software?
  After being enrolled on (either on your own using "Register" 
  or by getting a  logon from your instructor) go to and 
  under "Please login" enter your User name and Password. In the left navigation 
  pane click on "Activate Tests" and click on "Edit" on the line of the test you want 
  to activate. In the field under the header "Activation Code" enter your Activation 
  Code and click on Submit. For an example click here.

  7. Can I register and add the Class code later?
   Yes, click “Register” and just fill in all the other fields including creating 
  your own User name (for the user name we recommend you use 
  your email address) and Password, then click on "Submit". 
  Next time you come back in with your Class code you will NOT use 
  "Register" but just sign in under "Please login" using the User name 
  and Password you created.

  8. How do I recognize an Activation Code?
  The Activation Code is a 16 digit number that is typically given to you on a
  voucher document. If it is emailed to you it is still a 16 digit number but you
  can now copy and paste it into the Activation Code field at
  under Activate Tests.